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Monthly Archives: July 2023

5 nutrients that help maintain eyesight

5 nutrients that help maintain eyesight

The nutrients that we get through food. It is consider to be one of the best in the maintenance of the eyes ever. Which nutrients that help maintain good eyesight, then what is there today. We have come together. Anyone who has to use their eyes often, staring at a

Benefit of exercise is better than just losing weight

Benefit of exercise is better than just losing weight

Everyone knows that exercise has many benefits that many people may not expect. For some people, the goal of exercise is to lose weight. but in fact Losing weight and a beautiful figure is a bonus because you get what you get. That is good health all around. Reduce the risk of

4 What kind of "locked finger" severity range

4 What kind of “locked finger” severity range

Locked finger are a symptom that can be found in people. “Who use their hands. and fingers to work over a long period of time. Or people who have to work by clenching the fist regularly until it causes inflammation of the tendon sheath around the base of

"Fat but fit - slim but fat" weight can mislead you

“Fat but fit – slim but fat” weight can mislead you

Fat but fit – Slim but fat These two words read quickly. may not understand Roughly speaking, fat people can be healthy, and thin people aren’t always healthy. Why is that? We has an answer from Dr. Thidakan Ruchipatanakul or Doctor Ping, a specialist in skin and anti-aging medicine. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital When