Benefit of exercise is better than just losing weight

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Everyone knows that exercise has many benefits that many people may not expect. For some people, the goal of exercise is to lose weight. but in fact Losing weight and a beautiful figure is a bonus because you get what you get. That is good health all around. Reduce the risk of various diseases

Research shows that obese people also reduce the risk of disease. “Exercise”  

But if there are goals for good health I do not want to have a debilitating disease This research clearly supports that Exercise has a positive effect, says Dr. Glenn Gaesser, professor of exercise physiology. Arizona State University in Phoenix Specializes in exercise insufficiency. For decades, the effects of exercise on body composition and metabolism have been studied. with particular emphasis on those who are obese Most of the research highlights the futility of exercise for weight loss. It is found that major health conditions. Including high blood pressure. Bad cholesterol levels or insulin resistance Significantly improved after starting exercise whether they lose weight or not 

Dr. Gaesser began to wonder. Fitness may enable overweight people to have good metabolic health. No matter what the body mass number is ufabet

A new study published last month in iScience by Dr. Gaesser and teammate Siddhartha Angadi, professor of education and kinesiology. University of Virginia in Charlottesville It has begun to explore research databases for studies related to dieting. Exercise, fitness , metabolism, health and longevity. It is associate with tens of thousands of men and women, most of whom are obese. Found that exercise to improve the performance of the body. It is beneficial to the body to a greater extent than weight loss.

Reduce the risk of premature death for obese people by up to 30%

The results showed that Obese people who started exercising and improving their fitness It can reduce the risk of premature death by up to 30% or more. Although the weight has not changed This makes the risk of premature death less than those of normal weight. but not exercising. While obese people lose weight by dieting Statistically, the risk of death in adolescence is statistically reduce by approximately 16%, with some research findings. “Weight loss among obese people It doesn’t reduce the risk of death at all.”

In addition, people who hope to lose weight by dieting. will cause a yo-yo effect, which is a worsening of the metabolism As a result, the weight rebounded higher than before if returning to normal diet. and will have various negative consequences such as diabetes, high cholesterol and have a shorter life but vice versa Exercising will reduce some of the visceral fat, even with a slight decrease in overall weight. This will help make the internal working system better as well.

Research Review Principles. Therefore, it can be conclude that We don’t need to lose weight to be healthy. But health will improve and the risk of death can be reduce. by increasing physical activity and fitness   

And from a survey of data in Thailand. It is found that “obesity” is something close to everyone. Over the past 20 years, there have been many overweight people. in both children and adults At present, there are approximately 19.3 million Thais, 34.1% of whom are “obese” and have Thais with a waist circumference that is too high. Over 20.8 million people are obese, or 37.5%, while over 800 million people worldwide are obese and are at high risk for many diseases, so increasing physical activity is easy. can’t miss To increase fitness, help overcome disease, longevity.