Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites 2017

Get ready to unveil the top 10 most popular torrent sites for 2017 and continuously enjoy its great features. Mostly, as people who has a great fond to download various stuffs from different torrent sites are only familiar with one or two sites which seems to be their favorites without knowing that there are other torrent sites they can take advantage of.

Torrent sites refer to the file sharing sites that are using P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing communication protocol to where the users or hosts the file they have downloaded. Also, those sites having more seeds can be easily downloaded with ease.

Every year some of the torrent site users are anticipating the top site in order for them to see which one has the best features and provide great satisfaction. So, here is the list for the top 10 most popular torrent sites for 2017.

The Pirate Bay

The Private Bay which is sometimes called “TBP” is considered to be the “King of Torrents” again this year. Also, it is the oldest torrent site to be included in this list. Although The Pirate Bay remained quiet, this famous torrent site became consistently ranked to the most popular among torrent sites.


Continuously, ExtraTorrent remains to be the biggest BitTorrent system in gaining more and more traffics. It effectively facilitate the P2P file sharing file and provide a user-friendly directory as well as search engine for all types of torrent files.


Currently, Torrentz2 is the first class ready-made replacement for the which was being shut down last year. It can conveniently allow you to scours any other torrent searches and save you about 20 minutes of search time. was not being affiliated with older YIFY and YTS release group. Although some of the torrent site are not happy with its release, it successfully took a high rank place the previous year.

This torrent site gives you a high-quality resolution torrent files as well as magnet links enabling you to use the BitTorrent protocol in P2P file sharing. This site can be easily navigated and comes with preview links and thumbnails.


The TorrentProject is your torrent site that can efficiently consolidate links from other different famous torrent hosting pages like the ExtraTorrent. In the technical perspective, this torrent site is using DHT in order to search and then find content.


EZTV.Ag is being run by some of the respected uploaders. Although it does not have the similar volume of options as the larger torrent sites, still the readers suggests that the quality of its files is great.


This site seems to be special in a way that they pay their users as a commission for exposing fake torrents and then reporting it into the community. Also, this site will keep you away from fraudulent files and wasted downloads.


After regaining its place to the top ten list for this year, more and more users are trusting this site. Also, its operator have launched a torrent cache iTorrents months ago which is being used by some torrent search engines.


This torrent site offers you a no nonsense index which can provide you torrent files. Yet, the same way to other torrent sites, this is being actively blocked by the ISPs to several countries.

So, there you have it the top 10 most popular torrent site for this year. Which one is your favorite?

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