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How to Update Kodi

Kodi is a sought-after free and open source software media center, which runs on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and OS X. More specifically, it has a ten-foot user interface for use with your living room remote controls and television. Therefore, if you run it from the comfort of your sofa, it doesn’t offer any media itself. Today, Kodi is being utilized in most digital streaming players and it has an easy to use interface for those non-techie users.

If you’ve been using Kodi for quite some time now, you must be aware that you need to check if there are any available updates every now and then. Bear in mind that keeping your Kodi patched is crucial for security and usability reasons. Also known as XBCMC, this open source media library program gets regular updates from its developers. Depending on the platform you use, how to update Kodicould be either simple or a bit of process. Nevertheless, even the most complicated installation must only take a short while.


Given that Kodidoesn’t automatically update, you will need to see the Downloads section of the official Kodi website periodically. If there’s a new version available, you can simply download and install it.


In case you didn’t know yet, installing Kodi on your iOS device is a very complicated process, and unluckily, keeping it updated also involves the same amount of work and effort. Given that iOS doesn’t provide automatic updates for those third party software installed through workarounds, users would need to install updates step-by-step in an unorthodox multistep process.


On the other hand, keeping your Kodi updated on Android is quite simple compared to iOS. Thinking that you installed it via Google Play Store, your tablet or mobile phone will inform you anytime when the update is already available. As a matter of fact, your device might even download and install the updates by itself and it’s depending on the settings your app. However, if you are not diligent about updating the apps, you can simply go to Google Play Store page every now and then. When an update is available, the page will inform you as well.


The good thing about Kodi is that you can get it almost on any operating system, from Raspberry Pi to Android TV. Thus, if you are a tech savvy who can perform an installation of Kodi on a non-standard platform, then you won’t surely needed this guide to help you in the process of installation.

However, the process is still the same, no matter what system you utilize, all you need to do is to download the current version of Kodi from its website, then employ no matter what process you utilized to install in the first place. Moreover, the majority of Kodi installation does not update spontaneously, but a bit of legwork is certain a fair trade-off for the best and the most adaptable free media players on the web.

How to Update Kodi on Fire TV

Do you want to have the best quality of video for your streaming needs? If that is the case, you need to have a software that will help you with your problem. Here is an application called Kodi that will be your partner to discover latest movies as well as give the best quality of videos. You can use Kodi online or offline to manage the entire multimedia you have on your hard drive disk. However, to get all the features of Kodi, you also need to update the software itself. There are many ways to update your Kodi but it is wiser you use the fastest and the most effective way with an ease.

One way is to have your Kodi update on Fire TV. Moreover, it does not end that way, there also four ways you can update Kodi on Fire TV. Below are the four ways you can update Kodi, let us start from the simplest to the complex.

  • Use of Downloader

The first step is to open the Fire TV setting and locate the Developer options or commonly known as the Device or system. There is need to change your status into unknown then locate the downloader and download the Fire TV or just the stick for short. Install the program you download and click the options that ask you if you are going to update the program. That is it, open your Kodi, and make sure your updates from your addons.

  • ES Explorer with one click and absence of computer

Locate the place of the developer option in the fire TV setting. Make your app as the unknown source; scan the window for the ES File Explorer. Make an addition to the favorite in order to remove the ES File Explorer from the download page. Next is to click your download and open it as “Open file’ command. You will see then Kodi app records; explore this part so you can use it in the future.

  • Use of AppStarter and ES Explorer without the aid of computer

Transform first your application as unknown sources then go to Fire TV set. Scan for the presence of ES Files Explorer and introduce. Open the favorites and add this address ( Open the list of the favorites and drop down the folder you created. Tap the AppStarter and introduce Fire TV as a trusted application. Locate the command that says “update Kodi” and that is it. The system will thank you for the updates you made.

  • Use of Google Drive and ES Explorer

Sign in to your google drive account and go to the website address,( and download the app. Open your google drive and tap the folder you place for the download. Go to your desktop and pick the Kodi app. Repeat the process 3 above and you successful update your Kodi.

That is the four ways you can update Kodi Using Fire TV. With all the methods above, you will surely have the success in updating your Kodi. It is important that you update the program so it can support you more with your streaming and other multimedia playing.

How to Install Kodi in Firestick

Did you know that when not loaded properly, a Firestick might appear like an ordinary tool? But, once you know how to install Kodi on Firestick, you accurately unlock the world of content from across the globe. Therefore, you not just get to watch your most favorite movies and TV shows, but also you can stream live events and sports too. In this article, we will guide you know how to download and how to install Kodi on Firestickdevoid of breaking any sweat.


Before you start, make sure to go to SETTINGS, then DEVICE and DEVELOPER OPTIONS and click “ON” ADB DEBUGGING as well as APPS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES. You need to download and install ES File Explorer so you could install Kodi on your Firestick device.

Remember that if everything is set the proper way, at this time, Firestick is the best HTPC option accessible for Kodi media player. Amazon Firestick begins instantly.


For you to download Kodi on Firestick, you should have ES File Explorer. For you to do that, follow this process:

  • Click on the SEARCH button at the lowermost left part of the screen.
  • Enter ES EXPLORER in search bar
  • ES Explore app for the Firestick will show, then click it
  • Hit the DOWNLOAD button to start to download and install the app.
  • Once the installation is done, click OPEN to start launching EX Explorer App.


After you have completely downloaded the Kodi file for the Five TV Stick, it’s the right time to install it. Follow these steps to know how:

  • When the Kodi APK download is done, a window will appear
  • Press OPEN FILE  to navigate to the APK file.
  • Simply click the DOWNLOADED APK to load the screen.
  • Scroll down and press INSTALL to continue installing Kodi on Firestick
  • After the installation process is done, you can now hit the DONE button.


With our help, you can also setup Kodi on Firestick device via computer. What you need to do is to follow these easy steps.

  • Go back to your home screen and go to the SETTINGS, SYSTEM and ABOUT to jut down your current IP Address
  • Download Adblink for windows.
  • Launch Adblink and hit on NEW button
  • Indicated in the ADDRESS field, enter your IP of the FireTV
  • Press SAVE and CONNECT
  • You’ll now be able to perceive your FireTV IP address in the CONNECTED DEVICES
  • Hit the INSTALL APK and then choose KODI APK
  • Press OPEN, and CONFIRM
  • Go to APPS to locate your Kodi app.

That’s it! You have now successfully manage how to install Kodi on Firestickand you can enjoy it and stream all your most favorite movies and shows on your FireTV.