How to Install Covenant Kodi

In this article, we will discuss a complete guide on how to install Covenant Kodi. In case you didn’t know yet, the creators of Exodus announced later in the Exodus add-on that its present version will be its last and final version. Although Exodus add-on is recently working on Kodi, still it would anytime soon shut down its operations.

How to Install Covenant Kodi

How to install Covenant Kodi: The New Covenant Kodi Add-on

Covenant add-on is a far more superior to Exodus when we talk about sources for media content, user-interface as well its user-friendly options. Since its first introduction in the Kodi industry, every detail of the law enforcement is trying to bring it down. However, since Covenant add-on is only a host, it doesn’t acquire any copyright material.

In a very limited amount of time, Covenant emerged as the favorite option for Kodi users after thinking Exodus will vanish soon. However, there always come a time whenever the best takes over the mediocre and the new reign starts.


  1. Launch KODI on your own system and choose SETTINGS on top. Then hit on FILE MANAGER. Here, you’ll see the same list of options shown on the right-side and left-side of the screen. You can double click the ADD SOURCE button located on the left part of your screen.
  2. A URL BOX will show, press NONE option and paste this then click OK. When scrolling down, you’ll see that the option needs repository name so you can type KODIL then click OK so the box will close.
  3. Now return to the KODI HOME SCREEN by clicking the BACKSPACE key on the keyboard many times. Choose ADD-ONS tab and hit the BOX-SHAPED ICON located on the upper-left side, known as the PACKAGE INSTALLER.
  4. Click INSTALL FROM ZI FILE ad scroll down to explore and press KODIL and choose After you click it, it will begin installing your file.
  5. After it’s installed, hit INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY option. Scroll it down to search KODIL REPOSITORY and hit it. Go to the VIDEO ADD-ONS and there’s you’ll see a wide list of add-on accessible in the repository. Click COVENANT after you find it and press INSTALL.
  6. For you to view the add-on, return to KODI HOME, choose ADD-ONS and VIDEO ADD-ONS then COVENANT. Now, you can freely enjoy TV shows and movies.

To sum up, Covenant Kodi Add-on is the legal replacement for Exodus that has been the face of free TV shows and movie streaming for many centuries. A lot of Exodus enthusiasts are more likely to jump to the newer version of Exodus due to the instability of the Exodus and its lots of broken links, which have caused fury amongst its users. We hope you learned something from this how to install Covenant Kodi guide, as we present detailed process on how to install Covenant Kodi, which will surely enable you to watch all your TV shows and movies free of charge!

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