How to Clone a Hard Drive

Do you know how to clone a hard drive safe and sound? Disk clone permits you to copy all the content on a disk to another one in the simplest way. And you might be needed to clone hard drive in many conditions, for example, when you want to make a bootable DVD/CD or USB disk or upgrade hard drive to a larger or newer hard disk, you might want to clone HDD to transfer the full data of your hard drive. Mainly when the hard drive controls system, definitely, you cannot only copy and paste files in windows to the new drive. Anyway, do you know how to clone hard drive perfectly and safety without any issue?

Here we will present you a best disk clone software and it will guide you clone on the hard drive to another without any high effort.

What is the excellent tool to clone a hard drive?

To clone or copy hard drive, always keep in mind that 3rd party disk clone software is very important. Here, Ease US Windows backup program, an expert backup program with strong disk clone spec is advised. The software can perform the best job to clone hard drive by copying your full hard drive to another without any issue. And it also provides safe and sound copy and paste hard drive solution to a new one.

Now you can learn how to clone hard drive with thus hard drive clone program step by step.

How to Clone a Hard Drive

  • Launch EaseUS Windows backup software and click “Clone” option to clone hard drive.
  • Select the source hard drive you want to clone and then click “Next” in the Disk/Partition Clone windows.
  • Select the destination disk and then click “Next”. Here under Advanced options, “Sector by sector clone” option enables you to clone all sectors from the source disk to the destination disk.
  • Preview the disk layout and click “Proceed” to clone hard drive.

Finish all these steps, you can successfully clone your hard drive and you can also check the cloned disk in the Disk Management by right-clicking “My computer” and choose “Manage” -> “Storage” -> “Disk Management”.

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